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The 30 Day Home Co-owernship Challenge...

(From Renter To Homeowner In 30 Days...)

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    Are you seeing your homeownership dream slip away every weekend?

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    Is it taking you forever to save that deposit?

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    Are you prepared to do something about it and reclaim the dream?...  Then read on and see if co-homeownership is for you.



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Here are 3 reasons to get involved in this challenge:

  • check The 30 Day Challenge is designed to get aspiring first home buyers off the starting blocks and into their own home...finally! ALL IN 30 DAYS.  The most effective way of doing this is by teaming up with someone else and co-buy!

    STEP 1.
    Download all the relevant documentation further down the page by inserting your name, email and phone number (so we can contact you in case we need to). Then register at as a co-buyer or investor and start looking for your match.

  • Check You can buy a house with half a deposit, half a mortgage and half the household expenses! Increase your chance for success. Set yourself up for life!

    STEP 2.
    Find your potential co-buddy and see if you are a match. Get to know each other: goals, likes, dislikes and your exit plan.

  • check Be prepared to push the boundaries and co-buy. It is a no brainer way into home ownership. Be part of the sharing economy and make it work for you!

    STEP 3.
    Once you decide that you are a perfect match, submit your joint application to go into the running to win some life changing prizes that will help you transition into 30 days!




Early Bird Draw:
Enter the 30 Day Challenge before 20th October to go into the running for a chance to win a 'get to know you trip' to Broome! Value $9,782

Our Major Co-buying Couple Will Have A Chance To Win $50,000 For Their Deposit
or $10,000 Buyer Advocacy Service And A Kickstarter Pack.
Three Runner Up Co-buying Couples Will Win Kickstarter Pack Valued At Thousands Of Dollars...All To Get You Started. Prizes To Be Won Include:


  1.  A chance to win $50,000 Imagine winning $50,000 in cash to put towards your new home! Home Addressed will provide that chance  for one very lucky co-buying couple! A great start to your future together.
  2. Home Addressed Co-ownership Contract. It is essential that you invest in a co-ownership contract to minimise your risks and work towards the success of your joint venture. Home Addressed is giving each winning co-buying couple their own contract! Included in your Kickstarter pack.
  3. Home Addressed 2 Year Consultancy: Because Home Addressed wants to see your successful  journey into home ownership, we are giving you a solid foundation of guidance and consultation spanning 2 years from the inception of your journey to the critical 2 year point where you review your options. We are there for the long haul.
  4. Intrinsic Financial Planning: Multi award winning Intrinsic Financial Planning, will set you on the right financial path, helping you to navigate your way through the financial challenges faced by first time buyers through some clever planning! A recipe for success!
  5. Solidteknics:: Proudly Aussie made, this cookware is made of cast iron and is included in our 4 Kickstarter packs. Two skillets that will turn you into a master chef and add an extra dimension to your cooking. No looking back once you have used these in your new kitchen.
  6. Noritake: An international tableware specialist, Noritake’s designer tableware features high-end bone china dining range Marc Newson by Noritake. Designed by Australian designer Marc Newson, the range is microwave and dishwasher safe. These are included in the Kickstarter Pack and will definitely impress when you invite your friends over for dinner!
  7. Blue Thumb Art Gallery: Online affordable and beautiful art to add a personal touch to your new home. There is a $250 voucher included in each of the Kickstarter Packs.
  8. Home Sorted: Don't be overwhelmed when it comes time to move into your new home. Home Sorted has it under control. They will help you organise the move and set up your house to look  like a home. Vouchers included in each Kickstarter Pack
  9. The Property Garden Buyer Advocacy: One lucky co-buying couple will have the expertise of The Property Garden Buyer Advocacy Service. Kristie and John are experts and can save you thousands of dollars. With these guys backing you, you can relax knowing you are in good hands! 
  10.   Magic Glass Cleaner: We've  even thought about your cleaning needs and to make the task effortless, Magic Glass Cleaner has provided a starter kit to get you going. One for each Kickstarter Pack
  11.    Coconut Raw C: House hunting, signing contracts and moving in can be thirsty work so what better way to quench your thirst than with some coconut juice from Raw C. Included in Kickstarter packs.

                   Total Prize Pool   



All The Important Stuff!

You are about to embark on a journey that could set you up for life!
However, before you get going, you will need to download some paper work.

NB You will need to register first in order to download these documents. Go to the 'Click Here' section.

It's a really important part of this process and will guide you through this dynamic challenge. It consists of the following items:

  1. Terms and conditions
  2. Online joint application
  3. Check list
  4. Tips
  5. FAQ
  6. Privacy Policy
Once you download all these interesting bits, make sure you read them carefully and follow each step because if you don' could disqualify you. Please don't let this happen as we want you on board!!!




About Home Addressed & This Challenge

A mortgage shared is a mortgage halved

Home Addressed is website dedicated to enlightening struggling first home buyers in Australia by raising awareness of the many pathways into home ownership. We offer dynamic strategies that fast tracks first time buyers into home ownership. Yes, we are just a bit different because we  get you thinking about less conventional ways of breaking into the property market in these harsh times! ...We don't just sell you product, we actually work with you so you can use our strategies that work and enable you to get on with your dream!  The site is an amalgam of strategies that not only offer creative and functional solutions to aspiring home buyers but it turbo charges your opportunities of becoming homeowners years ahead of your peers who are still struggling via conventional methods. Di Ferrara, a former teacher, now owner of Home Addressed and successful investor, sees her role as an extension of her teaching as she imparts her knowledge to a new generation of homebuyers. These young buyers face unprecedented challenges in a changing landscape and are able to draw on her guidance and wisdom gained from her many years' experience.

The creation of the 30 Day Home Co-ownership Challenge, utilises the site’s flagship strategy of co-ownership and will see struggling first home buyers pair up with like minded individuals on the Home Addressed site. There is a 30 day time frame in which the challengers will find each other and be poised to buy at the end of the 30 days. They will be guided by detailed criteria and their application must be submitted by the designated date in order for them to be in the running to receive a Kickstarter Pack, offering a real step up into homeownership, There are 4 to be won; one couple will have a chance to win $50,000 in cash to put towards their home or a buyer advocacy service valued at $10.000 from The Property Garden. If you have ever wondered how you are going to break into the property market, then this is the opportunity that is knocking on your door. Seize this opportunity and create your future. Carpe Diem.


Time coupled with action are your greatest allies.
Respect them and use them wisely.

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